Frequently Asked Questions
We have created this resource to answer some of the questions many homeowners have. Please take a moment to read to quickly find answers to some of the questions you may have.


If you have questions related to the current status of your assessment account with the association, please complete our Accounting Request form.  Or you may reach our Accounting Representative - Diane Lizarraga her email is:   


Your assessment payments can be made using the following options:
  • Sonora has a drop box at the Clubhouse for your convenience.  Those payments are posted to your account daily.
  • You may fill out an Auto Payment Form which Sonora will pull your payments out of your account monthly.
  • You may mail your payment to the Lockbox in Phoenix which posts your payment to your account within 24 hours of receipt.  Please allow mailing time.  Payments must be posted to our Bank and your Account no later than the 15th to prevent a late fee of $15.00.   Please be sure to mail a coupon with your payment.

Lockbox address:
Sonora at Rancho Sahuarita
P.O. Box 63933
Phoenix, AZ 85082-3933

You may also contact your bank and pay through them on a monthly basis. Be sure to inform them it is due on the 1st of each month and use your Sonora account number which can be obtained by contacting our Accounting Administrative Assistant - Diane Lizarraga at 520 232-3829 or our Community Association Manager - Lisa Solano at 520 232-3809. 

Architectural Changes

The Architectural Review Process is an important way our ARC Committee assists your association in maintaining, protecting, and enhancing property values within your neighborhood by preserving the architectural integrity of your community. If homeowners are planning on making an architectural change to their property, they are required to receive written approval from the association prior to starting the project. Homeowners can begin this review process by submitting a Design Review Application for the association's review. The ARC Committee meets twice a month check your calendar for the dates.


While Sonora prides itself on the effective management of the maintenance needs of your community, occasionally issues arise that we may be unaware of. If you would like to request maintenance of a common area in your community, please complete our Maintenance Request form. Thank you for supporting Sonora’s efforts in maintaining the appearance of your community.

Report a Violation

If you are experiencing a problem with a neighbor that may be in violation of the community guidelines, the association relies on you (whenever possible) to first attempt to resolve the situation with your neighbor directly. If the situation is not resolved through neighborly means, then your association may become involved. You can notify the association of an alleged violation by completing our Report a Violation form. Upon receiving the form and confirming that the situation is in violation of the association's governing documents, Management and Board of Directors will institute the applicable enforcement policy. Your active participation and assistance may be needed throughout the enforcement process and your original complaint will be kept on file for any required future reference.


While Sonora’s Management and Staff handle most of the day-to-day operational activities for the association, some of the work is left up to community volunteers. Volunteerism is a great way to meet new neighbors, helps build a sense of community, and often leads to community programs and services that would not otherwise exist. There are a number of different ways homeowners can become involved with the association. Please consider sharing some of your time and talents toward building a better community. For more information, please contact the front desk foe a Volunteer Application form and a designated member of your association will contact you shortly.


Sonora's website is always a work in progress. If you are viewing this page on the public side of the website chances are you have not registered for the private side,  please register for the   if you have not already done so, this will allow you to gain access to information and will assure you that you will not be missing out on any email blasts which provide you with upcoming events as well as any important information from Management and the Board of Directors.

General Questions

If for whatever reason you are unable to get answers to your questions after reviewing your Community Website, our Homeowner Resources, and our Frequently Asked Questions, please feel free to contact our Community Association Manager at your convenience to schedule an appointment or email her and she would be glad to assist you. Her contact information is: and her direct line is 520 232-3809

Other Useful Forms

Sonora also provides homeowners a collection of downloadable forms to help expedite specific requests. Homeowners can access these forms by visiting the Printable forms section of our website.