Governing Documents
The purpose of the governing documents for your association is to provide the legal structure and operation of the community association.
They do this by:
Defining the rights and obligations of both the community association and its owners
Creating a binding relationship between each owner and the community association
Establishing the mechanisms for governing and funding the association’s operations. 
The governing documents also set forth rules and restrictions for:
  • Protection of both owners and the community
  • Enhancement of property values
  • Promotion of harmonious living
CC&R'S  Declaration of Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions
First Amendment to CC&R'S
Supplemental Declaration to CC&R's Townhomes 2004
Supplemental Declaration to CC&R's Townhomes 2005
Articles of Incorporation
Association Rules
Design Guidelines
Supplemental to Design Guidelines
Approved Plant List
Board Code of Conduct 
Board Election of Officer Procedures